Our Point Of View

Our software development services include designing, deploying and supporting software apps produced for desktops, mobile phones and the web. We offer a well-organized plan to fulfill your every need from a software application. So you can test a functional demo of your desired app before having to pay for it. And finally, you can enter the software development process. We are by your side all the way from the initial design to the final delivery.
Our Super Powers in Software Development

We believe there is no impossible in the world of information technology. What made us believe that, is our software development skills.

Web Applications

Web Applications

We offer a wide range of technologies to deliver customizable, scalable, robust, high-performance web applications.

Interactive Design

Interactive Design

If you want to make your products stand out, our design team is here to help you and deliver an effective, straightforward design process.

Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps

We are experts in creating cross-platform and native mobile apps. We develop and deliver high-quality, high-performance, customizable mobile apps.

Desktop Apps

Desktop Apps

We are here to develop desktop software applications that can bring high performance, security and simplicity to your users.

What Makes Us Trendy

We live on the edge of technology where we can develop every remarkable field of tech.

Internet of Things

We offer developing, deploying, testing and delivering smart IoT apps so you can control IoT  devices remotely and enjoy next-generation technologies.

OS Customization

We can create new distributions of the Linux operating system just for your requirements or even customize existing versions and distributions for you.

Application Containerization

We make your apps portable, independent, faster, using minimum resources and efficient using the popular containerization technology.

Infrastructure Development

If you need a change in your IT infrastructure, we are here to develop, update or implement various IT infrastructure, network and workspace services.

SBC Development

We can develop various SBCs like Raspberry Pi, specifically for your needs and produce customized operating systems and software applications for them.

Application Integration

If you want to connect your organization’s on-premises or cloud software with other cloud-hosted apps, we can help you in all of its processes.

Our Cooperation Approach

We have a variety of ways to interact with you. Flexibility is one of our main principles.​


App Development Consulting

If you need help developing, improving, managing or maintaining your mobile/web app or mobile/web development process, you can count on us.

Development from zero to hero

we start from the very beginning which means analyzing and understanding your business. We continue our process by designing & other essential steps.

Custom software development

We design and develop software solutions specific to your business needs. We make sure you achieve your desired secure and high-performance software app.

Development team augmentation

If you feel a gap in your in-house team, we can help fill it with the best expert resources. We offer staff augmentation to reduce costs and increase productivity and efficiency.

Existing Software Maintenance

We help you reduce app support costs and increase app availability by offering a full range of support and maintenance services for various types of applications.

Your Development Model

If none of our models is what you have in mind, you can design your own model with the help of our experts. We are here to implement the best method that suits what you have in mind.

Development Steps With Us

To succeed in software development and cost management of software production process, we have designed a specific path for you.

Exploration & Planning

It takes 2 weeks to:

  • Analyze your real needs. And find out if you really need new software.
  • What features should your software app have?
  • How does our service roadmap and planning work?
Prototyping & UX / UI design

It takes between 1 to 3 months to:

  • Design the architecture and software engineering
  • Specify the software development tools and technology
  • Design the main organizational color and logo of the software app
  • Design the final software model by graphical tools (To finalize the user interface)
Functional MVP

It takes between 2 weeks to a month to:

  • Prepare a version of the software user interface without the infrastructure so that software owners can interact with it.
    (This version does not contain the back-end and does not do any processing and does not store information)
Coding / Development

It takes between 1 to 3 months to:

  • Release an initial version of the app with all the features so that the software owners and test users can interact with it. (This version includes both the front-end and the back-end and is very close to the final version)

It takes between a week to a month to:

  • Test the software app by test users and our team and to find out possible bugs and solve them so that the final version of the app is ready to be delivered.

At this stage, the software app will be published in your desired environment and will be supported by us. (Environment can be you organization environment or your desired app stores.)

Technologies We Use

Get to know our technologies in the software production process. we use the best software development tools in the world.

Not Just Development

Every software needs the right infrastructure to be delivered to the end users. Implementing the standard data-center services brings you management and security.​

IT Infrastructure

Every software piece after the production process, must be delivered to users with essential standards. We can set up and launch your data center software infrastructure both on-premise and cloud. Implementing network services and managing services such as server virtualization , desktop virtualization, mail servers and file servers using our methods, make your workplace and work environment secure and stable.

Workspace Management

When the number of users in an organization increases, the process of software and operating systems management becomes a major problem. And if there is no proper solution for an integrated management, there will be dissatisfaction in the organization after a while. agiman Workspace Management Solutions can be a good choice for managing hardware and software resources after the software development process.

IAM & Digital Transformation

It does not end here. Workspace and Infrastructure management seems technically sufficient but not enough in terms of data management standards. Using global solutions and services such as identity and access management and digital transformation, we make your workplace more secure and more reliable.

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