Our Point Of View

In the IT Infrastructure & Workspace management service, we offer you a set of services that can fully manage your workspace. In our category, workspace consists of 3 general areas; cloud or on-premises data-center where your servers exist and host your software and information, the users desktop that consists of end-users computers and their operating systems, and finally the bridge between the data center and the user desktop which is the internal network or The Internet. In all these areas you need specific services. We can provide you with all these 3 fields of services so that your users have the highest performance and also you can ensure that the security of your information and your management is at the greatest level.
Our Super Powers in IT Infrastructure

Virtualization technology provides the best solutions for the comprehensive management of a workspace. We are a superhero in virtualization.

Server Virtualization

Server Virtualization

Server virtualization is an essential technology to reduce costs and increase utilization in data centers. We are experts at server virtualization and can implement this technology in your data center.

Desktop Virtualization

Desktop Virtualization

Desktop virtualization is a process that transfers the end-users operating systems in organizations to servers, which allows us to manage our users' software apps and operating systems seamlessly.

Network Virtualization

Network Virtualization

Network virtualization is one of the most popular and up-to-date technologies in the world of IT that reduces our need for expensive network equipment and increases network security and management.

Application Virtualization

Application Virtualization

Application virtualization is the most important telecommunication tool for organizations. In this method, it is no longer necessary to provide a separate license for each user and software application.

What Makes Us Trendy

We live on the edge of technology where we can develop every remarkable field of tech.

Internet of Things

We offer developing, deploying, testing and delivering smart IoT apps so you can control IoT  devices remotely and enjoy next-generation technologies.

OS Customization

We can create new distributions of the Linux operating system just for your requirements or even customize existing versions and distributions for you.

VDI Products

We have special products in the field of VDI that can make the implementation of desktop virtualization projects easier and create integration throughout your workspace.

Infrastructure Development

If you need a change in your IT infrastructure, we are here to develop, update or implement various IT infrastructure, network and workspace services.

Experts with rare tools

In the implementation of infrastructure technologies, we use tools that are not commonly used by many companies due to the complexity of implementation and uniqueness.

Experts with rare tools

In the implementation of infrastructure technologies, we use tools that are not commonly used by many companies due to the complexity of implementation and uniqueness.

Our Cooperation Approach

We have a variety of ways to interact with you. Flexibility is one of our main principles.​


IT Infrastructure Consulting

If you are looking for a reliable consultant in the field of implementing data center and network services both on-permises and cloud, and you want to integrate your workspace, you can count on us.

On-premises from Zero to hero

For start-ups or organizations that do not have a network and data center infrastructure, we can offer these services in all aspects and create a secure efficient workspace for you and your users.

Cloud from zero to hero

If you have a newly established organization and you do not want to spend your budget to set up on-premise data centers, or you want to transfer your infrastructure to the cloud due to the advantages of cloud technology, we are by your side from the beginning of this decision.

Solution based services

If you need special or advanced solutions such as desktop or server virtualization or Linux and Windows based services in addition to existing services in your current data center (on-premise or Cloud), this collaboration model is right for you.

IT staff augmentation

We can send you expert reliable IT experts to take care of your network infrastructure and IT so you do not have to worry about HR issues.

Existing Workspace Support

If you want to reduce the cost of setting up new services, or want to train your IT staff and also want to migrate to new services without any worries, you can use our comprehensive support package.

IT infrastructure & workspace implementation Steps With Us

To succeed in service installation and cost management of workspace deployment process, we have designed a specific path for you.

Exploration and Planning

It takes 2 weeks to:

  • Analyze your real needs, what services your organization demands.
  • Categorize different departments of the organization and review hardware and software needs.
  • Check that these services should be provided on-premise, in cloud or even in a hybrid form.
  • Check what hardware you need to set up hybrid and on-premise services.
  • Check how much time it takes to implement the services and how much it will cost.
Hardware Implementation

It takes between 1 to 3 months to:

  • Provide the hardware devices you need (from your own resources or by our team).
  • Install and set up the hardware you need.
  • Set up your hardware network.
  • Test hardware on your dedicated network and report bugs.
  • Prepare a complete roadmap of the hardware and implementation method of our next steps.
Software Implementation

It takes between 2 to 6 weeks to:

  • mplement your software services.
  • Set up your software network.
  • Connect the hardware and software.
  • Check software issues, compatibilities and integrations.
  • Prepare a complete roadmap of your software and network logic for the next steps.
Cloud integration

It takes 2 weeks to:

  • Deliver all software apps to your users
  • Train your users on how to use the software apps and the infrastructure.
  • Solve possible bugs and issues reported by users
Delivering & Testing

It takes 2 weeks to:

  • Deliver all software apps to your users
  • Train your users on how to use the software apps and the infrastructure.
  • Solve possible bugs and issues reported by users.
Social engineering

The most important step in the process of delivering technology infrastructures to users is social engineering, where users' social behavior and interaction with new technologies is analyzed and it will stop users' unrealistic reports and helps them accept new technologies sooner.
At this stage, we take care of all the things that lead to the existence of your network and software apps so that you can keep the services in your system without any problems.

Technologies We Use

Get to know our technologies in the software production process. we use the best software development tools in the world.

Not Just IT Infrastructure and Workspace

Every IT Infrastructure and Workspace must be secure and scalable. Learn more about our special capabilities in IT infrastructure development.

Software Development

We are software engineers, those who produce and develop software. The difference between our team and other companies is that we can meet your needs in various areas of IT infrastructure and workspace with the power of software development. This means that there is no need for which we have no answer and we can flexibly implement your IT infrastructure.

Identity & Access Management

Depending on the industry and business process, your company faces important challenges in achieving Identity & Access Governance. It should be clear how and which IAM modules are integrated in your departments and what types of access rights or authorization processes are right for your company.agiman accompanies you with consulting, analysis of requirements, design, and implementation of a suitable IAM solution.

Digital Transformation

Our Digital Transformation services include all steps of this journey, from Strategy planning, Business Process Design & GAP Analysis to Implementation, deployment and support of any Enterprise Solution which fits your company size & Industry. In the next step we transform Data to Information with Data Management solutions which includes the process of Data Lake design, Visualization and Analytics. We offer a well-organized plan to cover every need of your Digital Transformation journey.

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